Several special edition DVDs of the "JESUS" film have been created to assist Christians in sharing their faith with their friends and associates from unreached immigrant groups.

Our Partners offer the following training opportunities:
Online Training, Small Group Training, Live Training, Other Training Resources


Online Training

Crescent Project...
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Small Group Training

Bridges Study...
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• The Five Principles - DVD with 6 training sessions suitable for personal use or a classroom setting; deals with the five questions most commonly asked by Muslims and how to lovingly share Christ with them. To order call Harvest Resources at (800) 381-0911 (From Canada call Power to Change Resource Center at (800) 667-0558).


Live Training

Arabs For Christ, Canton, MA
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Crescent Project, Indianapolis, IN
One day trainings on sharing Christ with Muslims in various cites
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Click for their website...Mobilize and equip others for effective ministry to Muslims by hosting the Encountering the World of Islam course at your church or organization.
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Glad News For Muslims, Anaheim, CA
Samy Tanagho and his wife who is a former Muslim, both originally from Egypt, are available to speak to churches about sharing Christ with Muslims. For more information, please visit

i2ministries, Orange County, CA
i2 provides training and resources to missionaries all over the world whom God has called to be sent as evangelists to Muslims and material used in discipleship programs for local churches. They have a library of both audio and video resources of the same professors they send to train internationally. Some of the contributors to their training include: David Wood, Jay Smith, John Gilchrist, Roland Muller, Rev. Sudhakar Mondithoka, Dr. Elsie Maxwell, Dr. Jeff Morton, Joshua Lingel, Dr. Sasan Tavassoli, and Dr. William Wagner.
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Jesus for Muslims, New York
JFM is able to provide seminars on Islam and Muslim evangelism for your church or group. These seminars include instruction, audio/visual presentations and testimonies.
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Naya Jeevan
Naya Jeevan's training "Love Your Neighbour" is designed for those reaching out to Hindus. This live all day Saturday and half day Sunday training covers how to understand the Hindu mindset, make friends, share Christ, and follow up interested seekers.
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Persian Ministries International, San Jose, CA
Persian Ministries International (PMI)
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Radical Truth
Radical Truth offers a 10-week intensive course for Southern California churches, consisting of one 2-hour nightly course each week. For churches outside the Southern California area, they offer a 2-day condensed seminar suitable for a weekend: Friday night and all day Saturday.
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Other Training Resources

Christmas Gatherings
Host a Christmas gathering for recent immigrants you know.
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Woman's Prayer Tea
Invite other women into your home. Enjoy tea together. Share what God is doing in your own lives. Then venture to the edge of lostness as you pray for Muslim women.
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